In a rapidly changing environment, it was essential that ASML GROUP be able to master the new technologies. To this end, it set up TOP TECHNOLOGY SA and a portal attached to BETA CONSEILS SA.

These two entities were setup at the beginning of the 90's to meet the increasing demand in the country for equipment and services in the field of new information and communication technologies.


The national leader in IT hardaware and services.


TOP TECHNOLOGYSA is Mauritania's leading distributor of IT, ODP and telecommunication hardware and equipment for which it offers distri-bution, installation, after-sales and training services. TOP TECHNOLOGY SA works in partnership with renowned international groups such as TELEFONICA INTERCONTINENTAL and PORTUGAL TELECOM. Moreover, TOP TECHNOLOGY SA is Mauritania's leading ISP.


TOP TECHNOLOGY SA is Mauritania's leading supplier and administrator of public and prívate WANs and LANs.

Brands distributed: DELL computers, HEWLETT PAC-KARD printers, APC UPSs, miscellaneous consumables, installation of UNIX, MICROSOFT and NOVELL networks


TOP TECHNOLOGY SA is now the leading local supplier of telecommunication equipment and of services, for mobile and land-line telephone operators in Mauritania. Brands distributed: HARRIS FARINON DIVISION, NET.COM, TCI, NERA TELECOMMUNICATIONS, WESTERN MULTIPLEX, ALCATEL, PATTON, BAYLY, MULTITECH, CISCO, LUCENT TECHNOLOGY.


Brands distributed: RICOH, RISO. After-sales support provided for these brands. Reproduc-tion, copying and large-format, digital quality document print services.


The most visited site in Mauritania

BETA CONSEILS SA boasts the largest economic portal in the country ( which is also the Mauritanian site that receives the most hits, both from inside the country and from abroad.