Construction and Public Works PoleConstruction and public works are two key fields in the Mauritanian economy.

ASML GROUP, which contains four companies which are leaders in their market segment, makes an invaluable contribution to the development of this sector. The group is constantly ready to set up partnerships with international operators so that both the group and the country can avail of the most modern techniques and processes.


National leader in the cement industry.

CIMENT DE MAURITANIE SA, the leading manufacturer and supplier of cement in the country, was set up in 1979 and started production in Nouakchott in 1981. It soon won the trust of the leading public works companies and has supplied cement for numerous major infrastructure projects (dams, airports, water towers, urban developments, etc.). CIMENT DE MAURITANIE SA, a joint-stock company with a registered capital of MRO 1 billion (USD 3.7 million).

Since it was set up, CIMENT DE MAURITANIE SA has offered all the players in the construction and public works sector – ranging from architects to masons, contractors to concrete producers – a complete range of products and solutions for each stage of the construction process.

The company meets the varied demands of the market by adapting its products to the end use and by proposing new products in keeping with the customers' expectations. As an integral part of its strategy, the company invests in latest generation equipment at all stages of the process, in keeping with environmental standards. This approach is and always has been a cornerstone of CIMENT DE MAURITANIE SA's strategy. The group's strenuous efforts in developing this approach ever since it was set up achieved recognition recently when the group was awarded ISO 9002 certification. This, the first such certification in the country, was awarded by BUREAU VERITAS QUA-LITE INTERNATIONAL (BVQI), one of the world's leading certifying bodies. This certification has set CIMENT DE MAURITANIE SA up as a national model for all the companies in the country


Serving the construction industry

In keeping with the same logic of vertical integration in the construction industry CIMENT DE MAURITANIE SA was determined to offer its construction and public works customers a complete and comprehensive range of services. Apart from the actual products, i.e. cement and concrete, ASML GROUP set up MAURITANIENNE DE CONSTRUCTION ET D'EQUIPEMENTS SA (MCE), theobjective of which is to provide the construction and public Works market with high-quality civil engineering, main fabric and general construction services. MCE works in close cooperation with engineering departments and architects who are appreciative of its profesional approach.

One of MCE's main and most pertinent references is the largestbuilding in Nouakchott (basement, ground floor + 9), the first building in Mauritania to have a basement car park. It also represents the first "intel-ligent" building in the country with the following characteristics: autonomy via HF remoting of the telephone lines, access to internet, spaces that can be modulated as need be … These installations were constructed in synergy with another ASML GROUP company TOP TECHNOLOGY SA.

Ces installations ont été réalisées en synergie avec une autre société de ASML GROUP, TOP TECHNOLOGY SA. la réalisation du génie civil et du montage de la structure métallique de la seconde ligne de broyage de CIMENT DE MAURITANIE.


Quality and Comfort

In keeping with its objective of playing a dominant role in the building and construction industry, ASML GROUP decided, in 2002, to set up TOP WINDOW SA, a company specialising in the manufacture of aluminium and PVC doors and windows. While offering services complementary to those offered by other group companies in the construction and public works sector, TOP WINDOW SA is driven by the same values that have made its sister companies leaders in their respective fields.

These include quality of products and services, the necessary human and technical resources to offer them, high-quality work and a determination to meet commitments. TOP WINDOW SA boasts cutting-edge production workshops so it can offer its customers made-to-measure doors and windows, using the best sections available, i.e. REHAU sections for PVC, and FENIS sections for aluminium.


Specialized drilling services for mining companies

To offer self reliant comprehensive drilling solutions to clients with our committment to a quality service. Specialised in drilling for mining companies, it is a JV between ASML &

Drilling Division:

Diamond Core Exploration Drilling Capacity for various depths and geological formations.

Dedication to QHSE, ISO and international work standards application accross the value chain.

Qualified and experienced team.

Full line support services for complete drilling project Management.


Public work and maintanance with total customer satisfaction

Tayssir Construction and Equipment SA was stablished in 2010, its main business is the commercialisation of machinery and equipment for public works and maintenance. Tayssir represents companies like DOOSAN, INGERSOLL RAND, SANKI, MAKINA MST, FIORI, TEREZ and EUROPACTOR.

Our services include the asisstance of costumers for the choosing of the right machinery, the financiation of the purchase, the training for operators, maintenance and management staff. Our commitment is the total satisfaction of the costumer.


Spacialized services for mineral exploration

Offering specialized services of exploration for mines. Mauritania has a great mineral resources which contains a diverse range of mineral products, such as gold, copper, diamonds, iron ore, phosphates and sulphur.

Therefore mining has become one of the pillars of national economy.