As Mauritania is an agricultural and pastoral country, and as ASML GROUP is a creative player at national level, it was logical that it invest in this key sector of the economy.

It did so in the middle of the 90's by setting up TOP LAIT SA.


A specialist in dairy products.

TOP LAIT SA was set up in response to the constantly increasing demand for dairy products, especially in urban areas, on foot of the galloping sedentarisation of recent years. Mauritanians have long been accustomed to consuming dairy products. The consumption of dairy products is in fact firmly anchored in the habits of ordinary Mauritanians but the recent rural exodus moved this demand geographically while the supply didn't follow. This new market has long been served by imports of imported UHT long conservation milk from Europe, despite the fact that the local dairy potential could easily cover this demand.

TOP LAIT SA therefore successfully tackled this field and diversified its production over the years by broadening its range of milk products to other fresh dairy produce (natural yoghourts, fruit yoghourts, creams, etc.) and to fruit juices. It set up a solid partnership with the Saudi EL MARAII group and has plans to set up a UHT long conservation milk production unit in the near future.